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What to Do When The Honeymoon Is Over




Now what?

It may seem like all the fun stuff is over, and yea it kinda is. But there is still so much more to do before you can settle into post-marital bliss.

Write Those Thank You’s

You should tackle these first because really if you put off starting then you may end up sending them a year later when your guests forgot what they had gifted you. Now if you had a big wedding then the thank you’s will also be a big job but if you’re lucky and have a helpful partner then you will only have to do half as many.

Return double up gifts

Two for one may not seem so great when it’s two coffee machines and you can’t find bench space for your matching kettle and toaster. Let your guest know that you must return it, and keep them updated on what you purchase instead. They would prefer that they have something you will get use out of.

Sort out your dress

Whether you’re storing it or selling it (like lots of brides are tending to do) then make sure you treat it right. Preserving your dress is a big business so make sure you choose someone who knows what they’re doing so you can pull it out in 30 years for your children’s wedding.

Change your name

Seems simple enough, right? But changing your name is a long process. Firstly, you must make the trip to Births, Deaths, and Marriages to register your new post-nuptial name. And then you must change your drivers license, passport, banks, tax department, amenities providers and any other entity that has all your official details.

The best part of changing your name? You get to open your very first Mr. & Mrs account.

Order Wedding Photos

Approximately six weeks after your wedding you should have the full edit from your wedding day and can pick and choose the ones that will make the wedding album. Complete this task ASAP so that those visits to friends and relatives aren’t empty handed and they can leaf through the gorgeous aesthetics of your day.

Most of all enjoy your time while you’re still in the honeymoon phase of husband and wife and treasure the peace before people start asking when they can expect babies.