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The T&Cs

This is the technical and copyright stuff – important to know but really annoying if you have to try to read tiny font on your phone screen!

What we do?

We will talk with you so we know what you want in your final wedding video. Our packages are flexible as every couple is different, every wedding is different, and different venues / times of day / locations can throw up different challenges. We are pretty used to most of these and can work around just about anything.

We also know that you are trying to stick to a budget and we will clearly explain any additional costs as early as possible.

What we need you to do

Once we understand what you want to see in your wedding video, we can do most of the work from there. As much information about the venue, identifying family members or other special people you want to see in the video is always much appreciated.

You are super busy on your wedding day and it’s a long and exciting day. We want to capture it all with steady hands, so if you can arrange for our videographer/s to be fed so they don’t get the hungry jitters that would be great.

If capturing the joy of your wedding involves overnight accommodation/air travel etc. for our videographer/s we will work with you on the details well in advance and advise of additional costs.

Who owns the footage?

Under Australian Copyright Law, when it comes to creative products like video, photography, writing and design, they who make it own it*.

(*The actual legislation uses a lot more technical language, but that’s basically what it all means.)

That means that while you can share, post, watch over and over again and cry over the video to your heart’s content, you can’t sell it or use it for commercial purposes without our permission. We can (although we will always ask you first and acknowledge any privacy concerns) use the footage to promote our business online and in print.


We want you to seriously love your wedding video – almost but not quite as much as you love your new husband or wife. Our Oh, My Heart and Every Beautiful Moment packages include an approval version for you to see and make changes to before we finalise your video.

Editing takes a long time, and while we will always do our absolute best to get you what you want the first time you see the video, we can’t keep editing and making changes for weeks and weeks. (Well, we probably could, just not for free and you don’t want to go through all that toing and froing when you have all that wedding bragging to do!)