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Bridal Shower Etiquette

Bridal Shower food
Bridal showers can be super fun but that can all depend upon who is planning them…

Handing over the reins to your bridesmaids for one of the most fun events on your wedding calendar can be quite stressful, because really, you don’t know what you are going to get.

The possibilities range from elegant high tea with champagne surrounded by all the most important women in your life to a wild soiree where you play wildly inappropriate games and you might just even witness your grandmother drinking out of a phallic shaped straw.

This is a sight no bride should ever have to witness!

So how do you establish to your girlfriends that this is actually a bridal shower and not your bachelorette party? (And you fully expect an entourage of Magic Mike dancers to be there then.)

While you want your bridal shower to be a relative surprise, providing an info pack to the planners can be the key to making sure that your wishes and expectations are taken into account.

What to include?

1. Guest List – Your maid-of-honour that you know from high school may not know your good friends from work or the entire family tree of who to invite so the easiest way to prevent having to explain to someone why they didn’t get an invite is to give a list directly to the planner.

2. Games – While your best friends may enjoy embarrassing you, you may not appreciate your whole sordid past being aired in front of the mother of the groom. Let them know the things that you wish to keep private, but leave some mystery, and let them have some fun.

3. Gifts – Whether you expect gifts or would prefer your guests to come without, make sure that they know prior to invitations being sent.

4. Bachelorette Party – To give them an incentive, let them have the bachelorette party to plan also where they can go all out and anything goes.