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Being the Perfect 1950's Bride

1950's Housewife Kitchen

It’s common to receive wedding advice from all sorts of people when you’re planning your big day, whether it’s warranted or not.

But imagine if instead of Aunt Margaret doling out advice on what floral arrangement you should have she started imparting on you the wisdom of how to be the perfect housewife, 1950’s style. Scary stuff! 

Nearly seventy years earlier it wouldn't be hard to imagine, in fact, the bride would be welcoming it. The advice would allow her to please her new husband and to create a home and family that he would be happy with. 

To give you a glimpse of a very different era we have included some typical advice:


Have Dinner Ready: You must take the time to plan out your husbands dinner, even starting the preparations the day before. When you create a meal for your husband it lets him know that you’re thinking about him.

Take Time To Rest: Before your husband is due home you must prepare yourself by resting, and reapplying your makeup. Your husband has been around work-weary people all day and will want a fresh face to look at.

Don’t Bother Him: When your husband gets home from work he will be tired from working hard and will not want you troubling him with any issues. 

Prepare The Children: Children must be seen and not heard and it is your job to make sure that they are presentable for your husband so that they don’t annoy him.

Make The Evening His: When your husband get’s home you must minimise all noise in the house, always speak in a low soothing voice and make sure that he is comfortable for the evening. 

Don’t Question Him: You must not question your husband about his actions and behaviours as this may make him unpleased with you.

Don’t Be Jealous: If you husband makes an acquaintance with other women then you are not allowed to be jealous.

If He Cheats: If your husband does decide to step out on you then you are at fault because he wouldn’t have done so if he was satisfied with you as a wife.

Gee how times have changed!