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The Ultimate Guide on What to Include in Your Wedding Video

Your wedding day is going to be one that you will want to remember. Unfortunately, due to too much champagne, and an obligation to talk to every one of your guests, sometimes your special day can pass in a haze.

For all the planning you’ve done you deserve a chance to live it over again and witness the enjoyment of your guests that you may have missed the first time around or to share the day with those who couldn’t make it.

This is why a wedding video commemorating the day is a must.

The best advice is often the simplest:

There is no such thing as a standard video and every couple has different expectations, so establish yours with your videographer.

Make sure that you set aside time before the big day to meet with the crew. You want to establish moments that are important to you, and you really want the day to be as hassle free as possible … you also want to make sure that they get your good side.

Ask for their suggestions too, as they are the professionals.

16 wedding moment you will watch again, and again, and again:

 1. Groom & Groomsmen getting ready

First look of the groomsmen in their suits is a must; make sure that the area is tidy first. Have the Mother of the Groom pin the boutonniere on her son, and then have the groom pin it on his groomsmen.

2. Bride & Bridesmaids getting ready

Half the fun of the day is the bride surrounding herself with her maids while they get all glammed up. Choose somewhere with lots of natural light and pop a bottle of champagne to settle the nerves.

Get the Maid of Honor to help put the dress on the bride and don’t forget the Mother of the Bride, she can put the finishing touches on with the veil.  Watch out, there will be tears!

Catch the moment that the Father of the Bride gets the first look at his daughter in her wedding dress, it will be one to treasure.

3. Bride getting out of car at ceremony

With the help of the Father of the Bride and the bridesmaids, this is a music soaring magic moment. It’s finally here!

4. Groomsmen at the end of the aisle & Bridesmaids walking up aisle

These people were chosen to be a part of the wedding party for a reason, make sure that the video reflects their importance.

5. Close up of the groom at the end of aisle

You won’t want to miss the moment that the groom sets his sights on his beautiful bride at the end of the aisle. This is often the most special moment captured. Tissues, where’s the tissues?

6. Bride walking up aisle

Whether its smiles or tears of joy, the bride’s reaction as she walks up the aisle is always priceless.

7. Father giving away daughter

Film the moment when the father lifts the veil and gives his daughter away.

8. Exchange of Vows

These words are going to bring tears to your eyes no matter how many times you watch it.

9. Kiss

First kiss as husband and wife. ‘Nuff said.

10. Newlyweds walking back up the aisle

Watching guests celebrate your union with confetti, showers of flowers or just heartfelt well wishes is a beautiful moment to experience again.

11. The big entrance to the reception

When the happy couple is introduced as husband and wife for the first time.

12. Cake cutting

Cutting the cake and sharing that first bite can get messy but is heaps of fun. Watch out for the guests elbowing out the competition for the best photo spots!

13. Toasts:

It’s easy to miss what is really said during speeches. Capturing those sweated over words from the best man, the father of the bride and the adorable couple will give you a chance to watch it back later.

14. Bride tossing the bouquet

Gather the single girls and get ready for some great candid photos.

15. Guests dancing, having a good time

The ultimate goal is for everyone to have a good time and you won’t believe how much you didn’t see on the day. Plus, this is your ultimate proof of what really happened at the wedding!

16. Bride and groom saying goodbye

The night is over; take the opportunity to thank everyone for coming and celebrating with you, this can be included at the end of your short video and can be shared on social media as you are heading off on your honeymoon. It’s a beautifully personal and fun way to thank all of your special people for making your wedding one to remember.