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Pros & Cons of Certain Wedding Types

There are pros and cons in everything, and it's no different when you start making decisions about your wedding! We've discussed a few options that you may be considering and the positives and negatives of them,

Outdoors Weddings:

Pro -
Outdoors are the best, firstly because of the gorgeous surroundings that change with every season, our personal favourite is Autumn with the fresh fallen leaves. Plus your videographer can do wonders with the abundance of natural light.

Con – The weather of course… Living so close to the coast we are blessed, but also cursed with how quickly the weather can change. There is always a risk when choosing an outdoor wedding.

Sit Down Reception:

Pro -
You know for sure that everyone will be fed, and be able to balance out the alcohol everyone is drinking.

Con - It’s hard to talk to most of your guests if you have to sit down every two minutes to eat, and you want to make sure you have time for everyone. It is also less flexible if a few of your guests pull out last minute.

Stand Up Reception:

Pro -
Save a ton of money! Need we say anything else?

Con - You run the risk of half your guests going hungry. We’ve all been there, at an event of some type, and you realise how starved you are and it’s not because they haven’t been serving. It’s because the servers only get a few steps out of the kitchen before the very same people inadvertently descend to demolish the whole plate of finger food.

Unplugged Wedding:

Pro -
You have the FULL attention of all your guests. If you happen to take a look at your guests while saying your vows you won’t be greeted by a sea of smart phones instead of faces.

Con - Of course you have your photographer there taking snaps of your wedding but the wait for the photos can be weeks. What’s better then waking up the next morning, searching your custom hashtag, and finding plenty of wedding memories to tide you over until the professional ones have arrived.


Pro –
A super romantic idea that you couldn’t wait plus a huge money saver.

Con – Just one? The ability to not be able to share your special day surrounded by all your family and friends and loved ones. You also won’t be able to look at photos and watch videos in years to come of what a great night that everyone had celebrating both of your love.

Themed Wedding: To theme or not to theme?

Pro -
You can have a lot of fun planning a wedding that has a theme, plus you can make it that little bit more your own and stand out from the rest.

Con - Depending on your changing preferences and styles you might look back and live to regret the fluro pink tuxedo’s that you managed to convince the groomsmen into to match the bridesmaids dresses. Opening up you wedding album should instill pride of the day you planned meticulously, but sometimes that can’t happen if your kids are laughing at it.