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The 5 (6) Stages of a Wedding

6 Steps of Weddings
We have always thought that there were five stages of the whole wedding experience.

Oh how wrong we were!

Stage One - The Fantasy Plan

This is when the deep realms of the web will draw you in… You see all the stunning reception halls and detailed wedding dresses right at your fingertips and before you know it you have planned your wedding that rivals the lavish and upscale makings of a Kim K. event.

Stage Two - The Realistic Plan:

You have now realised that you are not a Kardashian (as much as you wish you were) and you must relinquish the need to have horse drawn carriages transport your guests from the ceremony all the way to the reception room at The Plaza, New York.

See what we said about fantasy?

Here an accountant or just the practicality of a wedding organizer will do you well. Setting aside an amount for each necessity you can start determining what you can really afford, and what you will have to do without.

Stage Three – The Hard Yards

Considering giving up your full-time job to plan the events of your wedding? We don’t blame you.

This is a full-time employment option of it’s very own, except you won’t get paid/ you will be doing the paying.

This stage will be stressful, the chasing down of vendors and guests will have you wondering why you are doing this to begin with, but stay strong girl the benefits of the end result outweigh the means.

Stage Four – The Execution

This is what it is all about! The day has finally arrived and you can bear witness to all your sweat and tears.

It will be beautiful and the best day of your lives

Stage Five – The Aftermath

If you play this right you can drag it out for as long as possible!

You can get you wedding video pretty soon after your wedding so that long list of followers that you have can gasp and fawn over the stunning (but budget friendly) version of the wedding you always dreamed of.

The photos however will take a few weeks so you will have the chance to relive the day all over again and decide which social media platforms to flood with all those special memories.

And now we come to the hidden stage that no one really talks about or prepares you for…

Stage Six - Post-Nuptial Depression

The post wedding blues will hit you when you least expect it. All the festivities will be done and you will be sulking into your coffee (made by the elaborate coffee machine ie. your favorite wedding present) and it will hit you that its over and you will never have to plan your own wedding again… If everything goes to plan, which we hope does.

To deal with your woes schedule your honeymoon a few months after your weddings. If you are going to be at your lowest then it may as well be in an exotic location alongside your new husband, right?