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Maids to Be

Bridesmaids and Bride Celebrating

They may be your best girlfriends and the only one’s you want by your side but when it comes down to the planning of the bachelorette party, and the choosing of the dresses you don’t really know how they’re going to act. And short of conducting interviews and asking them to draft up a CV on what they can bring to your bridal party you are going to have to take their behaviors and attitudes as they come.

We’ve compiled a list of the types of bridesmaids that you could possibly have. Some are a brides dream and some are one’s that you will have to handle with care, but if you have chosen wisely, despite their flaws they will be happy for you on the day.

The Unorganised

The bridesmaids are typically in charge of organising the bridal shower and the bachelorette party, but if you’re in the dark you are left questioning whether your maids are up to the task.

There is always the possibility you have snagged a maid-of-honor that will forget about an event until two weeks before when she hurriedly invites the guests but forgets to include your mother on the list.

Dealing with a friend like this is fairly simple. Team them up with another so that you don’t hurt them by completely kicking them off maid duties. Provide them with everything that they need (including the guest list and everyone’s contact information who is on there) and a road map of the etiquette and expectations that you have for your pre-wedding celebrations, unless you want your grandmother drinking out of that phallic shaped straw.

The Disinterested

Hopefully, since this is a big life event, your friends will want to be a part of all the prep, but sometimes your maid may be dealing with her own matters or just busy with day to day life that she may not be able to find the time to stay involved.

Your schedule filled with wedding dress shopping, cake tasting and may not take priority for her, but there is surely a part of the wedding planning that she will want to share with you.

Find those events that you know would interest her the most and organize your schedule to accommodate, sometimes booking these weeks in advance is the key and make sure you stay interested in her life.

The Pessimist

The dress doesn’t flatter them, their hair isn’t right, their nail has chipped, and the shoes are too high.

A maid of this type is hard to please. Their general consensus is that everything looks bad and they may think that you are out to get them. Chances are you are not but convincing them of this might just be impossible.

You will need a lot of patience for this one and you may even get to the point where the only option is to ignore her. While it’s not the best option, if she’s not willing to bite the bullet and meet you halfway then let that be her problem.

The Jealous

Now for the single ladies in your bride tribe it is just another reminder that they are either going to attend the event alone or have to scrounge up a walking-talking accessory for the night and this can get stressful.

So when you reveal the news of your pending nuptials they might be induced with a form of wedding jealousy that you have found the love of your life while they are still searching.

This is not your fault but make sure that you take good care of this one cause her emotions could be a bit raw. Let her know that she can bring a plus one, whether that’s a date or another single friend that she can tear up the dance floor with.

The Friend to the End

If this is one of your gals than you keep good company.

She will be happy about everything when you are happy and will try her hardest to fix things when they don’t go right. She is a genuine asset who will chase your stresses and issues away when they may arise, even if it is moments before you hit the aisle. This maid may become your personal psychologist without the qualification so make sure you don’t dump top too much on her, and when it’s her turn, return the favour.

You Love Them All

Despite the flaws that may be unveiled you must remember that you love them all! They were chosen for a reason so make sure that they know you appreciate them, gifts are an excellent way to do so but let them know on the day that you wouldn’t have it any other way.