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Why We Love Winter Weddings

Winter snow wedding
There has been a chill in the air recently, which has had us thinking about winter, and more specifically, winter weddings.

While most people shy away from the winter months and nab the dates in Spring and Summer we can’t think of a better way to celebrate a wedding in style. Sure, there are plenty of factors to consider and potentially awry situations to plan for, but really the wild weather of Victoria is unpredictable and could even sneak up on you in the fairer months.

This way you can be realistic and prepared for the worst. When it rains, embrace the pour.

Now the number one benefit for setting the date in June, July or August is that you will be able to save money. Locations and caterers tend to drop their prices to fill in the cooler months when they won’t get as many bookings. You will also be able to pick your ideal date cause you won’t be competing with friends and other brides.

When choosing your location, be prepared for the worst! Stick to places on main roads, so that your guests aren't in harms way if there are weather warnings. Also pick a place on high ground so that there is no risk of flooding and steer away from places with high dirt content. Your beautiful white gown can turn brown very quickly if you are not prepared.

If you dreamed of elegantly dressed guests surrounding you on your wedding than a winter date is for you. It is an excuse for the women to wear long gowns and the men to be adorned in classy tuxedos.

You can add stunningly detailed long sleeves to your dress and channel your inner Kate Middleton.

Now you want your guests to feel like princesses (and princes) too so make sure that you treat them right and keep them warm.

Find a reception venue with open fires. This will keep your guests warm and cozy, plus you can adorn the mantelpieces with winter roses and plenty of greenery. Scattering candles all around will add to the allure and create a romantic setting that they will not forget.

Use the weather to your advantage when it comes to the photography and videography. A dance in the rain under an umbrella will only add to the aesthetics of the final product, and an overcast natural light makes for the best results.

And the very best thing about a winter wedding? When it’s over you can jet off to a romantic honeymoon in a European summer.