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The 5 W's of Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding Dresses on Rack

Who –

There is no real etiquette when it comes to dress shopping and it really depends on who you want to be there but keep in mind that these wedding dress stores aren’t designed to fit an army of bridesmaids and extended families. Keeping this list short will also increase your overall satisfaction with the dress, you don’t want to be accidentally pressured into getting a dress your not happy with simply because everyone else said yes.

You also want the dress to be a surprise and the less people means the less chance of your wedding dress design being released early.

What –

“Wedding Dress Shopping: the act of browsing store upon store for that perfect gown before finally finding the ‘one’ when you are minutes away from calling the whole thing off.” - SW

When -

Most custom dresses take around 9 months to be made so we would recommend starting looking 12 months in advance so you know what style you are after. The dress should then be done 3 months beforehand (also the last chance to purchase a pre made dress) as the first dress fitting will be a few weeks later to complete any alterations.  

Where –

Anywhere and everywhere. You may find the perfect dress hidden in a place that you didn’t even know existed so it’s important to keep an open mind to where to go. Don’t set your mind on a certain designer that may not be able to create your dream dress to compliment your body shape.

Why –

Because your getting married, of course.