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Songs to Make Your Trip Down The Aisle A Sure Fire Success

Husband and Wife Wedding Photo

At Spectacular Weddings we want to capture the beautiful moment when you make your way down the aisle to wed your soon-to-be husband. In this moment the pressure is on, you have to concentrate on not tripping, make sure your not walking too fast (or slow) all while holding back the the tears when you see your beau for the first time.

It's a big deal, which is why picking the perfect aisle song will help you set the beat to your entrance and perhaps even dissipate some nerves? This song will not only last the day but it will be one that will last a lifetime, it will be your love song. 

We have helped you out by putting together a list of our 10 favourite aisle songs to help make you day as special as we want it to be.


1. "Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding"

2. "All Of Me - John Legend"

3. "A Thousand Years - Christina Perry"

4. "Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran"

5."Somewhere Only We Know - Lily Allen"

6. "Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran"

7. "XO - John Mayer"

8. "Firestone - Kygo (Acoustic)"

9. "Heartbeats - José González"

10. "Better Together - Jack Johnson"


Not only will these songs make for excellent aisle songs, they will also make your after-wedding movie give you the feels for years to come. Goosebumps ensured every time!