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How to Stay On Top Of Your RSVP's

Pink and Blue Design RSVP Invite

The last thing you want in the week before your wedding is getting the call from your wedding caterer or the reception location for the final confirmation of numbers and having no clue because you’ve only heard back from half of your invitees. It’s understandable that your guests can get busy and may slip their mind so we’ve established a few tips to reduce the stress of chasing up numbers.

Be Specific: The devil is in the detail. An RSVP is typically sent out with the wedding invitation so it doesn’t need to include all the nitty-gritty info that will overcrowd it and defeat the purpose. Keep it real simple! Have the date when to reply, whether the guest accepts or declines, and the response methods.

Give Options: While your Great Aunt may be happy to head on down to the local post office to pop a stamp on the RSVP before sending it back your way, your close friends may not. Include details on which ways that they can get in contact with you to return their RSVP.

But Not Too Many: The one thing worse than not getting RSVP’s is getting them and loosing track of them. Keep the methods of reply down to two or three. You don’t want to be spending your time checking seven different platforms of communication or calling guests only to find out that they responded on MySpace, something you haven't even thought of for several years. I would suggest physical card replies, email and text message.

Be Organised: Have a list of all your guests so that as you start getting replies you can tick off whether they are coming or not. Include the method of reply in case you need to double check later.

Plan Ahead: Create a time line for replies, and set yourself reminders. See below for the timeline that we have created for you.

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RSVP Timeline for prompt replies